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Titansgrave Technology

Here’s the final art teaser, along with a bit from Wil Wheaton about technology in Titansgrave: There’s a lot of stuff going on in this piece of our concept art. I’ll unpack some of it for you, and let your imagination do the rest. This section focuses pretty heavily on the science and technology aspect […]

More Titansgrave Art Revealed!

Here’s another art sneak peek of Titansgrave, from Geek & Sundry’s Tumblr and WilWheaton.net: We needed to convey to our artists and other creative partners that Valkana is a world where science and magic co-exist, feeding and supporting one another. Part of getting that across was showing this spaceship in the background of our first conceptual […]

The Saurian Empire

Read about the Saurian Empire, on WilWheaton.net. So what you see here is an early rendering of our lizardpeople race, who we call Saurians. In the history of Valkana, the Saurians were the dominant species for a very long time, due to their mastery of technology. While the other indigenous species were crawling up out […]

A new world is emerging.

A new world is emerging. #TitansGrave : The Ashes of Valkana (Part 2/5) Find out more: http://t.co/ucYdmGAFHg pic.twitter.com/8vKkgQZlco — Geek & Sundry (@GeekandSundry) May 13, 2015

From WWdN: Let’s Talk About Titansgrave For a Moment

Wil Wheaton blogs his behind-the-scenes thoughts about the development of his new TableTop RPG show Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana, explains that Green Ronin will be releasing the Titansgrave setting book along with Fantasy AGE in August, 2015, and provides us with some Valkana fiction to get us in the mood for science fantasy roleplaying: Let’s […]

Titansgrave Details, Writing Team, and More

Last week we were finally able to reveal our role in Wil Wheaton’s upcoming RPG Show, Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. We’ve been working hard on this project for many months and were delighted and relieved for the news to go public. Nicole and I were in Burbank all last week for the filming, so […]